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_____Laughing Whitefish $200 ($165 is tax deductible)

_____Trout Madness $200 ($165 is tax deductible)

_____A first edition of Anatomy of a Fisherman, in its dust jacket and donated from John Voelker's personal library; $300 ($175 is tax deductible)

_____One of the limited edition collections of John Voelker's Flies Under Glass $250 ($225 is tax deductible)

Members receive all future editions of the Foundation's Tin Cup Times newsletter and also may subscribe for:

_____A Trout Madness video (VHS), which interviews John Voelker on a fishing Trip to Frenchman's Pond in the 1960's; $30 ($22 is tax deductible)

Affiliate membership may be obtained through a $30 contribution, which entitles Affiliate Members to a year's subscription to the Foundation's Tin Cup Times, with four cumulative annual donations qualifying for Membership status.

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Donations and gifts are welcome! Supporters of the John D. Voelker Foundation may allocate donations and gifts toward either or both of the Foundation's goals.

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_____The John D. Voelker Native American Scholarship Fund

_____The Traver Fly Fishing Fiction Writing Award Fund

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The John D. Voelker Foundation
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or Fred Baker at 517-373-0260 (off.) or 517-655-5501.



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