Centenary Celebration and Trout Habitat
Dedication Ceremony

Bucko Teeple, Chippewa spiritual guide from the Sault Ste. Marie tribe, performs a tobacco blessing ceremony at Voelker Lake (which lies within the tribal waters reserved under the Treaty of 1846) early in the morning, before the public dedication ceremonies begin.  Pictured are Nick Strom, Directors Paul Strom, Page Graves, and Gigs Gagliardi, TV journalist Buck Lavasseur, Directors James Graves and Paul Strom, Cora Teeple, and Pat Strom.
Bucko Teeple concludes the blessing ceremony; directors Peter Strom,
Jim Graves, and Gigs Gagliardi look on.
Voelker Lake, with trout rising!

The first fish caught in Voelker Lake by one of the children (unidentified, regrettably) in attendance on dedication day.  A perch, darnit!
More kids fishing!
Kids receiving instruction from the many Central UP Sport Fishing Association volunteers at the dedication.  (Poles were just as welcome as rods!)
More kids receiving instruction.
Paul Strom, eloquently addressing those who attended the Voelker Lake dedication ceremony.
Paul Strom pauses in his remarks for a sip while Voelker friend Norris McDowell (next to clock) looks on.
Senator Michael A. Prusi presents a joint House and Senate Special Tribute to the success of the trout habitat project and the Foundation's good works (also signed by Governor Granholm) to Director Gigs Gagliardi at the Foundation's Annual Meeting in the "Anatomy" court room of the Marquette County Court House.
Festivities the night before the dedication ceremony at the Case Calabria in Marquette.  Pictured:  Director Page Graves, Voelker friend Norris McDowell, not identified, Pat Strom, Director Paul Strom, JoAnne Gagliardi (wife of Director Gigs and old Voelker friend), Director James Graves, and Foundation member David Graves.
More Casa Calabria celebrants, including Mr. and Mrs. Robbie Powelson, Susan Vander Veen, Foundation members David and Louise Lutton,
Director and President Rich VanderVeen, and John Voelker's daughter, Mrs. Julie Voelker Cohen.
Casa Calabria celebrants, including Foundation member (and husband of Voelker daughter Gracie Voelker Woods) Ernest ("Woody") Woods (seated
to far left) and former NMU President Matt Surrell.
Same as 22; Gracie Voelker Woods is seated to the far right; the
photographer apologizes for catching her in mid-blink.
Casa Calabria celebrants Mary Tsaloff (wife of Voelker grandson Adam Tsaloff), their daughters, Voelker friend and Foundation member John Swartout, and Mr. and Mrs. John Kohrenen.
Gigs celebrates his "second" 80th birthday ("Gigs, how did you get born twice?).
Gigs puts out the candles on his "second birthday" cake.
Gigs chatting with buddies from the Central UP Sport Fishing Association.
Expert fly tier John Peterson puts on a display of his intricate craft as a friend, Gigs, Rich VanderVeen, and John Swartout look on.
Only a part of the over 200 in attendance for the dedication ceremony.
Paul Strom addresses those who could find room inside the lodge to listen to the Voelker Lake dedication.
Another shot of those in attendance at the dedication.
Ishpeming City Manager John Kohrenen addresses the dedication ceremony audience.
Norris McDowell addresses the dedication ceremony audience as Ishpeming City Manager John Kohrenen looks on.
Director Gigs Gagliardi movingly addresses the audience in an
emotional tribute to his old friend John Voelker, as John Kohrenen looks
Directors Fred Baker, Gigs Gagliardi, Rich VanderVeen, and James Graves grin at the wonderful success of the centenary celebration and
the trout habitat/Voelker Lake project, for which the Foundation owes thanks to so many, and which could never have been accomplished without the tireless efforts of Gigs, Paul Strom, and Peter Strom, whose vision and persistence made it happen despite all obstacles.
Directors Fred Baker, Peter Strom, Gigs Gagliardi, Rich VanderVeen, James Graves, and (kneeling) Paul Strom celebrate the culmination of all of the efforts devoted to the Foundation's Voelker Lake Trout Habitat Project.



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